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What We Teach

Early childhood Education and Care.


Children begin effective communication at a very early stage in life. As a result of this, it is important to start engaging them as early as possible. At Belle Meade School, we recognise the importance of this in a child’s development and growth.

Our curriculum ensures that age-appropriate communication techniques are used while interacting with your child. In addition to this, we have discovered from experience that as children continue to interact with one another their communications ability improves rapidly.

Parents are also advised to inform us in advance or during registration their concerns regarding any speech impediments their child may be experiencing. Our skilled teachers and caregivers are always ready to help.


Children have the ability to learn many languages as they grow. This is a gift that should always be explored harnessed. Parents are also encouraged to create an enabling environment at home for their children to learn as many languages as possible.

At Belle Meade School, the primary medium of communication is the English Language. We expect that this is also one of the languages taught at home as it will make it easier for a child to settle into the school environment and activities.

Children who are multilingual are able to gain greater perspective in the world around them and also interact freely with their peers should the need arise. Besides this, it also improves the learning capabilities of the child.

Developing Strongly

Physical development in the formative years of a growing child is as important as the mental development aspect. Children need a certain number of hours of physical activities each day for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

In our curriculum we do not only cater for your child’s mental health and growth but have also prepared various physical activities which keep their inquisitive minds and growing bodies busy as these need stimulating activities.

The daily activities our children engage in also improves their range of motion, balance, muscle strength, coordination and endurance. These help with an overall healthy social and emotional development.

Socially Active

Educators often focus on the gross motor skills of children and fail to realise that the social development of a child’s upbringing is equally important. This has to do with how a child relates to other children; this is a critical aspect of the puzzle.

At Belle Meade School, we ensure that our children are involved in activities which promote peer-to-peer interaction enabling them develop valuable social skills. As children begin to form alliances and friendships from an early age, developing this skill is very important.

With this having a direct impact on the child’s overall development we view an appropriate social interaction process as a valuable investment that can be given to any child.

Personal Growth

Children should be taught from an early age to be responsible without losing their natural spontaneity, playfulness and sheer joy in being alive. Teaching them to take responsibility for their actions from an early stage is also very vital for their growth.

We teach our children what it means to be responsible individuals and how to behave in any given circumstance. We do understand that children will always be children. However, they also require our guidance and direction for appropriate behaviours as they grow.

No child is the same as they all have different traits and personalities. Children who are shy and reserved are taught to be more open and speak freely whether when with their peers or talking to adults. Hyper-active children are taught to be more reflective in their response to things and situations.

Emotional Quotient

A child’s emotional development determines how he/she manages his/her personal feelings, responds to the needs of others and how they interact with their peers. Children should be taught from a young age to be emotionally expressive in the appropriate manner.

We teach your child the basics of emotional intelligence and how this plays out in their interaction with other children. From here, they will be fully aware of the needs of others and also understand how their decisions or a lack of one affects others.

As adults we do not exist in isolation. Children should also be made to realise that their actions, which are made individually, does not make an impact in isolation as they, their peers and the larger society are all affected by this.


Your child’s ability to solve age-appropriate complex problems at an early age is one of our objectives as we teach them how to take logical steps to solve such problems. This helps them become accustomed to subjects like mathematics and general numeracy.

Numeracy skills involve understanding numbers, counting them, solving number problems, measuring, sorting, noticing patterns, adding and subtracting. These helps build the foundation they need for future endeavours such as becoming scientists, doctors, engineers, teachers and so on.

Children should be taught numeracy from birth as they can be instructed from very basic things they are exposed to. Teach your child to start counting his/her toys, the fingers on their hands, the numbers on a remote control for example.

Arts & Craft

At Belle Meade School our arts and craft programme plays a huge role in a child’s development as it helps children explore their creative expressions which includes visual arts, music, dance and creative drama. We give the children the opportunity to exhibit their innate abilities.

Introducing arts and craft to your child at an early stage is also a form of encouraging self-reflection and emotional expressiveness. It helps the young ones get in touch with their personal feelings and improves their emotional health.

As children are very imaginative, such programme helps expand their horizon, making the impossible attainable. A well-rounded educational system requires children to participate in extra-curriculum activities which promote the engagement of every facet of their existence.

Science Rocks

STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is an advance approach of learning which exposes children to learning at a much expansive degree, but still age-appropriate. Children benefit from this in multiple ways.

From the ages of 3 to 6 years, we have a vibrant and fascinating STEM program that introduces the children to elementary research, discovery, analytic and critical thinking as well as developing a love for mathematics and natural science.

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